1976 was full of changes wasn’t it? Color TV’s became the standard, the most advanced musical recording device was the cassette tape, pictures were snapped with Polaroids, Lehman Brother’s was still in business, and oh yeah, tons of social change and protesting. To shake things up even more, my wife and I left Japan to start anew in San Francisco, California. 

We enjoyed our drinks, but at the time, our repertoire of fine spirits was rather limited, only including sake, whiskey, and beer. Thirsty for new flavors to please our palettes, we ventured into the realm of wine. That same year, California wines took the driver seat of the vino world, stepped on the breaks, and completely U-Turned the direction it was heading in. With “The Judgment of Paris,” California wines took center stage and forever changed the notion that good wines only come from Europe.

With this new perspective in mind, we purchased our first bottle of Mondavi Chardonnay. The drink of the gods never made more sense than the first time we sipped its liquid goodness. 34 years later, we still indulge in the never-ending arrays of the exquisite California wines. Dionysus would be proud!

But is it fair that we Californians can enjoy the fruits of our labor, while the rest of the world cannot? To be selfish or not to be selfish – this has been a mind-boggling question for some time. Upon further contemplation, option B seemed like a wise decision, wouldn’t you agree? That is why Askwine will work meticulously to provide you with the joy that comes with every bottle of California wines we sell.

From our unselfish glass to yours,



私が妻と共に渡米したのは1976年。それはちょうど、映画「Bottle Shock」で描かれた「The Judgment of Paris」でカリフォルニアワインが世界の表舞台に躍り出た其の年でした。酒と言えばビール、日本酒、ウイスキーしか知らない僕達は、世界を驚かせたこのカリフォルニアワインの一大出来事を、勿論知る由もありませんでした。其の年の妻の誕生日に出かけた海辺のシーフード・レストランで、初めて口にしたロバートモンダビのシャルドネの芳醇な味と香りは、私と妻の酒の嗜好を大きく変えました。あれから34年間、私達はカリフォルニアワインの名産地のお膝元、ここサンフランシスコで素晴らしいワインを飲み続けています。そして今、私達を魅了した世界も認めるカリフォルニアワインを, カリフォルニアの文化と共に世界の皆様にご紹介したくこの事業を始めました。